Is the Battery Portable / Removable ?

Yes. You can always remove the battery and take it to your home / office / gym for charging.

What is the range of electric bikes ? 

Lithium ion 10 ah – 40 kms 

Lithium ion phosphate 12 ah – 50 to 60 kms 

Lithium NMC 10 ah – 40 kms 

Lithium NMC 15 ah – 70 kms 

What is the warranty of Bike ? 

We provide one year warranty for our bikes with some of exclusions like mechanical damage and wear tear of brakes and tires. Also warranty is not covered for any kind of nuisance and forceful destruction of product.  

What is the warranty of battery ? 

Lithium ion – one year ( 1 year )

Lithium ion phosphate – two year ( 2 year )  

Can we ride the bicycle in rainy season ? 

Yes . we can ride the bicycle in rainy season since our bikes are waterproof and also wirings are waterproof

Where to plug the charger ?

Our Charger can be plugged into standard wall outlet of 240V found in Indian Homes / office.

Where can we service the bike ?

Our E-bikes / bicycles can be serviced at any regular bicycles shops. Electrical parts don’t need any kind of maintenance.

Where can we buy the Spares / Battery in case of damage?

All the Spares and Battery can be bought directly from us from our website or by calling our customer care number.

Can we use the pedal and throttle at the same time ?

Yes. You can simultaneously use both pedal and throttle at the same time.

Do we have pedal assist ? 

Yes . All our bikes have pedal assist.

Is the motor waterproof ? 

Yes. we can ride the bicycle in rainy season.

Are the wirings waterproof ? 

Yes. All the wirings are waterproof and easily serviceable.

What is the tire size ? 

Regular tire – 26 inch x 2.175 inch Ralson Microoctave tire

Fat tire – 26 inch x 4 inch width compass tire

For whom this bicycles is suitable ?

People having a daily commute of up-to 40 kms can use our bicycles.

People who like to do cycling but need reserved power to come back home from long rides.

People who like to go to gym by cycling but want to use motor while returning to home after workout.

What age group people can ride the E-bike/ bicycle ?

People of Age 16 – 60 can ride this bicycle.