Smartest and Safest.

The All New X-BIKE with Advanced Features and Colour options

The All New Electric Elver Bike with lightweight 6061 aluminum body for better performance

What's New !

Improved Cycling Geometry

1) Frame angles are improved for better cycling performance.
2) Suspensions are made stiffer for increasing the efficiency of bike.
3) Seating position is improved for best comfort while riding long distance.
4) Handle bar height position is increased to make the riders position upright while riding the bike which helps in reducing the stress in lower back.


Why Ride Boring Bikes?

Select from our Exciting range of Bikes which have vibrant and elegant colour options.

1) Signature Red
2) Oxford Dark Blue
3) Pink
4) Midnight Black
5) Dark Grey
6) Pearl White
7) Light blue
8) Light Grey

High Performance Motor

250 WATT

Powerful Brushless Motor

Advantages :

1) 42 Nm High Torque

2) Zero Maintenance

3) Highest Efficiency

Highly Intuitive LCD Display with Backlight LED

Displays Speed , Battery level , Distance travel , Pedal assist level and cruise mode.

Better Night Vision

Smart and Powerful


Our E-brakes cut off the Motor supply on pulling the lever and thus it helps in Instant Braking. E-brakes offer additional safety to the Rider.

Front Suspension


Better Ride quality

Hailong case Battery


Battery can be carried home or office for charging. Swappable battery


We design and develop our battery packs in-house to provide the best quality and performance. 

Highest lifespan

2500 to 3000 Lifecycles – LFP 

5 to 7 years of life

Fire resistant

Our Batteries are made from stable compounds which do not catch fire or explode. Chemistry : Lithium iron phosphate.

Explosion Proof

Strong Metal casing with thick guage sheet for safety

Interchangeable Battery casing for increasing capacity of battery

Advanced Bms Technology

Advanced parameter controls : Low voltage cut off , Over discharge protection, Over charge protection, Over current protection, Balanced charging and many more.

Lasts Longer - 50 to 80 kms

Warranty - 3 Years


Things that matter most.

Motor : Powerful 250 watt High performance Brushless motor

Battery : 36 volt 12 ah / 36 volt 15 ah

Range : 50 to 80 kms

Headlight : Front Headlight for better visibility at night

Horn : Electric Horn

Pedal assist : 5 level pedal assist

Dual Suspension : Front lockout and rear adjustable suspension

Display : Multifunction display with baclit led for visibility at night.

Brakes : Front and Rear 160 mm Mechanical disc brakes

Throttle : Key switch throttle

Gears : 7 speed gears

Stand : Heavy duty stand

Grab your X-Bike at exciting prices

Hurry up ! Offer closes soon.


1 ) Xbike - 36 Volt 12 ah Battery - Lithium phosphate

Single speed

Rs 60,000 /-

Rs 45,000 /- ( Non Geared )

7 Speed gears

Rs 65,000 /-

Rs 50,000 /- ( Geared )

2 ) Xbike - 36 volt 15 ah Battery - Lithium ion

Single speed

Rs 70,000 /-

Rs 50,000 /- ( Non Geared )

21 Speed gears

Rs 75,000 /-

Rs 55,000 /- ( Geared )

Why Us ?

Peace of Mind

Our bikes bring Happiness to your Life.

1) Ride worry free as our batteries have longer life.

2) Anti-theft feature - Key switch ignition

3) Explosion proof - Fire resistant batteries

4) Lowest Maintenance

5) Removable and upgradable batteries

6) Best Ride comfort and quality



  1. Once Payment is received , you will receive a confirmation mail and Invoice.
  2. Your bike will be prepared and tested the following day for 2-3 days.
  3. After Final inspection and testing your Bike will be scheduled for FEDEX Pickup and delivered to you within 5 to 7 working days.


We Believe in Customer satisfaction at every point , even after sales.


  1. Easy Parts Replacement
  2. Battery ,Motor and Charger Servicing and Replacement
  3.  Sales & After sales support – 24 x 7 

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